Going green… building green

THE GREEN FUTURE OF STEEL – BY DR TROY COYLE, CEO, HERA Several great leaps forward in the steel sector recently have signalled that zero carbon steel is within our grasp. The green future of steel might have struck many as laughable even a half-decade ago – but the advancements being made locally and globallyContinue reading “Going green… building green”


New training package targets $24 million cost of falls from heights A new state-of-the-art virtual reality training package aims to tackle New Zealand’s poor safety record for working at height. The package, launched by Christchurch-based immersive tech company Cortiical, has been developed in collaboration with education and subject matter experts and is the first of itsContinue reading “VIRTUAL SOLUTION…”

Esker Software patches the AP cracks for Isaac Construction

Christchurch-based Isaac Construction has earned a reputation for making sure it does everything to the highest quality. But the company was facing new challenges in its accounts payable process after acquiring another construction company in Blenheim. Even before the acquisition, Isaac Construction’s accounts payable team were a busy pair, often chasing documents for Group CFOContinue reading “Esker Software patches the AP cracks for Isaac Construction”

More than 200,000 people apply for residence through 2021 Resident Visa

With only a short time to go until the closure of the 2021 Resident Visa, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) encourages those who are eligible for the 2021 Resident Visa to submit their applications before the category closes at 11:59pm on July 31, 2022. INZ has received over 100,000 applications involving more than 200,000 people sinceContinue reading “More than 200,000 people apply for residence through 2021 Resident Visa”

Living roof…

GREEN PROOF: NATURAL HABITATS TRANSFORMS INNER-CITY AUCKLAND LIBRARY Auckland’ s Central City Library Tāmaki Pātaka Kōrero has a new look and a greener future thanks to Natural Habitats. In response to delivering those climate change targets, a living ‘green roof’, a first for a council asset, has been installed on the central Auckland library locatedContinue reading “Living roof…”

Tātaitai Puhanga Waro set to launch zero carbon steel program

By Dr Troy Coyle, HERA CEO The month of May will usher in a new zero carbon steel programme for steel products. The program, Tātaitai Puhanga Waro, has been independently developed and based on verifiable data and provides a carbon emission calculator, believed to be a world first, to help companies offset carbon emissions andContinue reading “Tātaitai Puhanga Waro set to launch zero carbon steel program”


Mammoet has achieved a major milestone in the development of sustainable heavy lifting and transport – undertaking the replacement of a production vessel at a chemical plant in the Netherlands using purely electric power, describing the event as a world first. The Shell facility produces feedstock for a range of everyday applications including medical equipment,Continue reading “WORLD-FIRST ELECTRIC-POWERED HEAVY TRANSPORT COMPLETED”


Winter and economic pressures a slippery slope for workers The coming winter, with its rains and current economic pressures, is a time of heightened danger for New Zealand construction workers who are still too ready to cut corners to save time but end up losing their lives instead. Jason Braithwaite, general manager of New ZealandContinue reading “CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY CONCERN”

Aquajet is up for concrete removal, surface prep challenges

Aquajet, a global supplier of hydrodemolition machine manufacturing, offers a lineup of cutting-edge hydrodemolition equipment for concrete repair and restoration in hydropower applications. Paired with the highly versatile Aqua Spine, Aquajet’s Aqua Cutter 710V hydrodemolition robot increases productivity and safety for challenging concrete removal and surface preparation tasks on spillways, dam faces, intake structures, tunnels,Continue reading “Aquajet is up for concrete removal, surface prep challenges”

Shaking things up…

NZ SEISMIC INVENTION IS “GAME CHANGER” IN GLOBAL CONSTRUCTION New Zealand is on the verge of becoming a world leader in low-cost and low-damage seismic engineering, says the winner of the 2022 Ivan Skinner Award, Dr Shahab Ramhormozian. Over the past years, Ramhormozian has significantly improved and finetuned the revolutionary sliding hinge joint technology thatContinue reading “Shaking things up…”