Going green… building green

THE GREEN FUTURE OF STEEL – BY DR TROY COYLE, CEO, HERA Several great leaps forward in the steel sector recently have signalled that zero carbon steel is within our grasp. The green future of steel might have struck many as laughable even a half-decade ago – but the advancements being made locally and globallyContinue reading “Going green… building green”

Living roof…

GREEN PROOF: NATURAL HABITATS TRANSFORMS INNER-CITY AUCKLAND LIBRARY Auckland’ s Central City Library Tāmaki Pātaka Kōrero has a new look and a greener future thanks to Natural Habitats. In response to delivering those climate change targets, a living ‘green roof’, a first for a council asset, has been installed on the central Auckland library locatedContinue reading “Living roof…”

Local solutions… Kiwi composite rebar builds stronger

Kiwis are more tuned into the impact of failing infrastructure and the effects it has on their lives than ever before. This is not just a New Zealand phenomenon, it is a view shared worldwide says Pete Renshaw, director of business development for Pultron Composites. Particularly in countries where there have been ongoing struggles with aging infrastructure, corrosion, and failures caused by the extreme effects of climate change.