Dimond Roofing partnership


Sustainability is a journey of change and growth says Dimond Roofing, and a prized New Zealand alpine parrot – our beloved kea – is benefitting immensely from that philosophy.

“Everyday we’re learning new and better ways to improve the sustainability of Dimond as a business recognised as Aotearoa’s roofing industry experts, which is why we have partnered with The Kea Conservation Trust (KCT),” says the company.

Renowned for their curious nature, and recognised as the world’s only alpine parrot, kea are a nationally endangered species – the second-highest threat level in New Zealand. Currently there are only 7,000 keas remaining in the wild, and the KCT has made it their mission to protect and preserve kea in their natural habitats.

Projects include removing lead flashings and nail-heads from the roofs of buildings in areas where it’s accessible to kea and replacing these with safe, non-toxic alternatives. The programme largely focused on privately-owned buildings at front country sites, such as those around human habitation, which are known hotspots for lead poisoning in kea and will be a free service to landowners.

As a not for profit organisation, this is an expensive and time-consuming project for KCT which is where Dimond stepped in as a partner and is making a massive difference; including providing materials for the project.

Nicholas Wheadon, Fletcher Steel’s head of sales says: “The Kea Conservation Trust and the work they do is close to my heart and a cause that fits well our values at Dimond Roofing. We have a growing focus on the environment, and supporting this project immediately made sense to us, especially as it will be utilising our own RoofingSmith installers and apprentices.”

Equally excited about the partnership is KCT co-founder, Tamsin Orr-Walker.

“This collaboration is a major conservation win for kea. We are very excited to be working with Dimond Roofing who are partnering with us to ensure this threat to kea is removed from their environment- forever,” says Orr-Walker.