New ram raid protection solution hits NZ market

The ever-increasing number of ram-raids across New Zealand has inspired a Waikato company to develop an innovative solution to help NZ businesses guard against the criminal activity.

Until now, cutting-edge technology company Qorox, has “been working on transforming the construction industry with 3D printed technology solutions”, providing a convenient and flexible alternative to traditional construction methods.

Managing director, Wafaey Swelim says the innovative technology could be applied across a number of different applications, and the rise in ram raids inspired the company to think outside the box, creating a custom solution for retailers.

Traditionally, bollards have been used to control vehicle access and prevent ram raids on buildings and storefronts, however getting them installed can be a huge cost and inconvenience to retailers, pedestrians, and potential damage to underground power cables and pipes.

“We’ve approached bollards by moving away from a single-purpose structure and looking at how we can integrate it into the surrounding environment in an interactive way,” Swelim says.

“Our protective barriers come in a number of varieties, including planter boxes, seating and other street furniture, which can be custom designed and fabricated off-site, cutting down on the cost and time for installation, and frustration for pedestrians, business owners and councils alike.

“We recently partnered with speciality food retailer and wholesaler Vetro Mediterranean Foods to create four custom textured planter boxes for their storefront on Rostrevor Street in Hamilton’s CBD.”

Hamilton owner, Anna Greentree says the solution had given them peace of mind at a time where retailers were worried about the increasing disruption.