Step up in comfort


John Bull has been making work and safety footwear for New Zealand since 1934 — enabling hardworking New Zealanders to get the job done in the rugged and unique local environment they call home.

“Stepping up the comfort game, John Bull has applied the revolutionary CushionCore comfort to our beloved 140°C heat-resistant styles,” says the company.

Six safety and two work boots from the existing range now offer “unrivalled comfort to match each boot’s premium protection” — the Crow, Oryx, Eagle, Cougar, Raptor, Himalaya, Tracker and Highlander.

“CushionCore 3.0 provides superior shock absorption at the heel while also providing rebound at the forefront as you step,” says the company.

The new Quad-Max footbed in the CushionCore 3.0 products features hexagonal holes on the base for airflow and breathability, while a mesh top layer minimises moisture build up and provides added insulation in hot and cold environments. Underpinning these comfort features, is a cushioning PU middle layer for unprecedented levels of support. The Quad-Max footbed is anti-bacterial, anti-fatigue, breathable and washable.

A memory foam pad under the heel provides extra cushioning, for when you need that extra spring in your step.

There are more colours, safety, comfort, and closure options to choose from with the CushionCore 3.0 Quad-Max footbed.

“Built for comfort from the sole up, these boots are tried, tested and proven to get the job done.”

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