Esker Software patches the AP cracks for Isaac Construction

Christchurch-based Isaac Construction has earned a reputation for making sure it does everything to the highest quality. But the company was facing new challenges in its accounts payable process after acquiring another construction company in Blenheim.

Even before the acquisition, Isaac Construction’s accounts payable team were a busy pair, often chasing documents for Group CFO Arlee Folkers.

“One of the problems with paper is when you have an invoice for approval, it sits on someone’s desk. People aren’t always sure where invoices should go, so they get passed around and can slip through the cracks,” says Folkers.

“Blenheim was a remote office, and we had no way of seeing what was happening in the payment cycle. There were also differences in our processes that were challenging for staff members,” Folkers says.

After looking around, Folkers engaged Fujifilm Business Innovation to implement Esker Accounts Payable automation software.

With Esker, suppliers email their invoices to a dedicated Isaac Construction inbox that automatically ‘scans’ the invoice, routes it the to the right person for approval, and schedules payment without manual processing.

Paper is practically eliminated from the process, and with the Esker mobile app staff can check, review, and approve invoices from anywhere.

Most importantly, Folkers says, Isaac Construction now has complete visibility across the accounts payable process.

“If someone rings us about their invoice, they can be answered immediately because we can see when it was submitted, where it is in the process, and who it’s been submitted to. Once an invoice is in our system, we can easily track every single step. I know I’ll never have to look for an invoice again.”

As the company makes new acquisitions and moves into other regions, having everything in the cloud and accessible from anywhere with Esker makes this easier.

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