SuperSnake syncronised sub-feeding systems

Kemppi expands SuperSnake range with GTX

International welding equipment manufacturer, Kemppi, has released its new SuperSnake GTX to expand its range of synchronised sub-feeding systems for hard-to-reach welding sites. The SuperSnake GTX joins the SuperSnake GTO2S and the SuperSnake 8 in providing users with quality distance wire feeding capability for Kemppi’s MIG/MAG welders.

The SuperSnake GTX serves the popular Kemppi X5 FastMig family and extends the reach of the standard MIG welding gun to guarantee reliable wire feeding up to 30 metres from the primary wire feeding unit.

“Offering considerable flexibility, the GTX is available in 10, 15, 20 and 25-metre cable package options so that welders can reach the site they need to weld. Plus, the GTX reduces the need for the welder to have to constantly move between the power source and welding station, saving valuable time,” says the manufacturer.

The SuperSnake GTX also serves both gas and water-cooled applications, and is the perfect choice for challenging heavy and medium-heavy metal fabrication and installation work. Other features of the GTX include:

Controls at the welder’s fingertips

For user convenience, the SuperSnake GTX user interface places parameter adjustments at the welder’s fingertips, including manual wire feed speed and voltage control, or automatic power regulation and fine-tuning.

Powerful and durable wire feed mechanism for trouble-free wire loading

The SuperSnake GTX features a compact and robust quick-release, twin-drive wire feed mechanism. And the automatic wire loading ensures reliable and trouble-free wire loading up to 30 metres from the primary wire drive system.

Strong and compact metal protection cage

The GTX’s metal protection cage increases robustness, and neatly combines, secures, and supports the cables package, its connectors, and hoses. The cage offers easy access so that welders can quickly configure their cable package. The protection cage can also be used for suspending and hanging the SuperSnake GTX above the work area.

Added safety

Every SuperSnake GTX has a safety lock on/off switch which prevents welding when the primary welding system is powered on. This is a particularly handy safety feature during rest breaks and when the welder is moving between welding locations.

“The overall robustness and high performance of the award-winning SuperSnake, makes the GTX a highly reliable sub-feeding system – one that welders can lift, drag and pull to where their work takes them quickly and easily.”