Aussie infrastructure positioned to meet 2030 benchmark

Autodesk, Australian Constructors Association, Consult Australia and the Infrastructure Sustainability Council have released a joint report to support industry in accelerating a net zero future through the design and construction of the infrastructure pipeline.

‘A net-zero future delivered through our infrastructure pipeline’ sumates that a whole-of-business, systems-based approach across asset lifecycles is required to accelerate the journey to net zero. This includes pulling key levers such as procurement, materials, methodologies, technology and people capability.

Jon Davies, chief executive officer, Australian Constructors Association says, “The record investment in infrastructure creates opportunities for the construction industry to be part of the solution to net zero.

“We all have a role to play, and it must be performed in partnership. The report sets out the options and enablers for government and industry to use in mapping the path to low-carbon, climate-resilient infrastructure.”

Although the industry has a significant footprint it has already started to demonstrate the influence it can have on the reduction of emissions says Ainsley Simpson, CEO, Infrastructure Sustainability Council.

“The 24 As-Built Projects certified over the last four years by the Infrastructure Sustainability Rating Scheme reduced their whole of lifecycle emissions by 26.5 million tonnes of CO2.”