for at-height access equipment

While recent conversation has centred on house prices peaking, the construction costs for new homes are not expected to slow down any time soon. Following a higher than anticipated international 16% increase in material costs over the last three months, building suppliers are estimating a further 12% increase in the cost of their materials over the next six months, according to the latest research from Eboss.

Low-level access equipment specialist Hy-Brid Lifts says it closed the year with record-setting sales with the company attributing its strong performance to its portfolio of “class-leading products” and an increasing demand for safer work-at-height options.

Compared to 2020, the scissor lift manufacturer’s global sales rose 99%, driven by a 140% growth in Push-Around Series sales.

“We have seen a significant increase in demand for more efficient and maneuverable aerial work platforms,” says Jay Sugar, Hy-Brid Lifts CEO and president. “Not only does our product line meet these customer requirements, but our lifts are setting new industry standards.”

The PS-1930, launched in early 2020, “remains the world’s lightest 19-foot scissor lift and one reason Pro Series sales grew 83%”.

Demand for the compact ZT-1230 and its less than zero degree turn radius pushed Zero-Turn Series sales 73% higher than prior year figures.

Sugar says that the company’s aggressive growth strategy and ability to pivot shaped the 2021 performance.

“Hy-Brid Lifts has its share of manufacturing challenges due to ongoing material sourcing and labour shortages,” Sugar says. “Having American-made products gives us the flexibility to get creative with resources and overcome these obstacles. This enables us to maintain shorter lead times than our competitors and deliver the innovative solutions our customers need.”

Much anticipated product releases, end user demand for compact machines, and the push toward electrifying fleets are the company’s priorities for the coming year.