No More Birds

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No More Birds offers professional pest bird management and deterrent services and solutions to commercial businesses in a range of industries, including: freight, distribution and transport, warehousing, restaurants and food manufacturing, retail, heritage buildings, hospitals and schools. We are also a preferred service provider to many of the country’s major supermarkets. In addition, we regularly collaborate with construction and architecture companies to include bird deterrent solutions in the planning and design phase of commercial buildings, to proactively safeguard new buildings against the damages caused by pest birds. 

Our team’s experience, skill level, hi-tech equipment and professionalism stands a head above the industry standard, and our loyal customer base is a testament to our clients’ trust and satisfaction in our expertise, processes and professionalism.

As New Zealand’s dedicated pest bird management company, you can expect solutions to bird issues that are fit-for-purpose, long-term and effective with a focus on results, low-maintenance, high quality materials and workmanship. 

National Operations Manager: Kyle Britton

Administrator: Alicia Jones

Operations Administrator: Moana Tarau

Branches: Auckland, Christchurch, Bay of Plenty, Waikato, Taranaki